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Gentle Jungle is an independent family owned and operated pet store located in the Westfield Shoppingtown(Meriden Mall). In business for 19 years, Gentle Jungle has providing pets and pet supplies to families throughout the state of Connecticut and surrounding states.

Our mission is to provide families with happy, healthy pets. We achieve this by having one of the most knowledgable staffs in the pet industry. None of the pet counselors are on commission, we assume that if we do what's best for the animals and the customers, we will build a loyal customer base, contrary to commission based pet stores. The pet counselors are trained to speak about the needs of the animals, and the needs of the new pet owner to provide for the animals. We believe we have more live animals than any pet stores in the state. Generally we have on hand over fifty puppies, numerous domestic and purebred kittens (Including Himalayan, Persian, and Siamese), small animals (such as hamsters or ferrets), reptiles, birds, fish and hermit crabs for sale.

Vet Support

At Gentle Jungle, we are supervised by Dr. Joseph Ross DVM from the Southbury Veterinarian Hospital. We are one of the only pet stores in the state with a real veterinarian visiting the store on a weekly basis, helping to maintain the health of the animals. Dr. Ross creates a vaccination and health maintenance program for each puppy and kitten in the store, updated weekly. Dr. Ross comes in the store every single week while the store is open to the public, there is a six foot examination table, every puppy and kitten is individually taken out and presented to Dr. Ross for examination and treatment. Each puppy and kitten has it's own health folder, reflecting all the vet treatment on the pet, which is provided to the customer upon purchase. One of the best health guarantees in the business is also provided to the customer at time of purchase.

In-store Financing

Pay by the month financing is an exciting feature that became available at Gentle Jungle two years ago! If you fall in love with a puppy or kitten, and would prefer to not pay all the money up front, you can take home that puppy or kitten with no payment that day and receive a monthly bill, so long as you have approved established credit. Most puppies can go home for as little as $140.00 per month. The process is simple, you fill out a half page form which takes five minutes. The pet store calls in the information to the finance company, which takes about three minutes, then the finance company checks your credit. If your credit is approved, you got a puppy or kitten! There is no down payment required* and they send you a monthly bill until the balance is paid in full. The Finance Company does charge interest on the loan amount.

*in certain cicrumstances there may be a down payment required

Separate Housing

At Gentle Jungle we do not believe in large dog play pens housing countless puppies all running, sleeping, and defecating together as one group. We believe that like babies, puppies should be housed separately, so the staff as well as the veterinarian can observe who is eating well, who's stools are correct, who seems active and lively, who is getting the proper rest. Each puppy kennel is individually ventilated to minimize odor and the spreading of any airborne illness. We have installed a massive ventilation system, which displaces the air from each individual kennel and releases it above the roof of the mall on a continual basis every day to safeguard the health of the animals. Each kennel is individually disinfected every morning by one of our pet care professionals.

Since the puppies are in individual cages, they certainly need exercise and play time. Gentle Jungle features five animal play rooms, where customers may select any puppy and bring it into the play room for fun! There is no pressure to buy, you can simply exercise the puppy with your kids! Often times, the play rooms are so busy, we even have waiting lines to play with a puppy. The customers, the staff, and the puppies absolutely love it. Stop in and play any time! On occasion a puppy may have been exercised enough and be put on rest time, we appreciate your understanding.