All dogs are originally den animals, so having a crate handy makes them feel right at home. It reduces in home training time, provides a safe home, and helps with barking and chewing. At Gentle Jungle, we recommend using the crate training technique to potty train your new baby. Using this method, your puppy should be completely trained within two to three weeks. There are a few simple guidelines to follow:

Create a schedule

As soon as you get up, the puppy should go outside to go potty. Try to bring them to the same spot each time, and give them a treat when they go. Then give them their breakfast. About twenty minutes to half an hour later, they will need to go potty again. Bring them outside to the same spot as before and again give them a treat. Repeat for supper time.

Mistakes Happen

If your puppy makes a mistake in the crate, don't rescue them and clean it up immediately. Puppies don't like to pee and poop in their crate, and they will learn to hold it to avoid these situations. When you do clean up their mistake, instead of throwing the mess out, put it in that one spot outside where they go.

Nap Time

A crate provides a safe environment for your puppy to take naps and get some much needed rest.


Make sure to reward your puppy every time the do something right or well. Treats, petting, and praise are a great way to do this!


The puppy will be going through teething during this period, so make sure you have lots of toys available for them to chew on.