At Gentle Jungle, we offer an assortment of domestic kittens, persian kittens, himalayan kittens, and siamese kittens for sale. We are one of the only pet stores in the state that places over 300 kittens every year and we are very proud of it! In response to the fact that many shelters and rescue organizations (that do a terrific job!), are virtually overrun with kittens during the spring and summer months, Gentle Jungle decided to join the cause in getting many kittens into loving homes. Unlike the shelters and rescues, we are located in a busy mall, thus we have thousands of families and individuals walking by our store all the time. This allows us to find homes for many kittens that otherwise may have an uncertain future. Gentle Jungle advertises in it's front windows, "Kittens Wanted," people throughout the state who's cat has baby kittens may call the store and arrange to bring them in for sale at an age of 2-3 months old.

Gentle Jungle pays Dr. Ross to give the domestic kittens a physical examination, their initial vaccination, a feline leukemia/aids blood test for disease, deworming is initiated, and they are checked to see if the kitten is free of fleas and ear mites. Due to the interactive nature of kittens and children, we do not take in any feral kittens. All kittens must be socialized and family raised in order to be donated to the store. As a result of this, all of our kittens are litter boxed trained, since they learn it in the home. None of the baby kittens are spayed or neutered since most veterinarians recommend that this be done at a minimum age of six months and our kittens are too young for that.

After years of experience we have relationships with several purebred cat breeders and we try to have beautiful persian, himalayan, and siamese kittens on hand at an additional cost. Due to the rarity of these breeds, we do not always have them, but when they are healthy and available they are in the front windows for sale as well.

Cat Trivia: humans and dogs breed year round, but cats predominately only breed in the spring and summer! Thus, the term, "going into heat." Kittens are primarily only available in New England from May to October due to the fact that cats generally do not go into heat during the winter months. So if you are planning on getting a kitten for the Holiday season, perhaps an early present may be in order.

Gentle Jungle also provides all the pet supplies needed for your new kitten including: litter boxes, litter, toys, food, scratching posts, brushes, shampoos, carriers, and all the basics.