Q: Why choose a pet store?

A: All of our friendly puppies come from USDA licensed breeders, with up to date shots and vet records. You are able to select from a variety of breeds at once, where our knowledgeable staff can help you choose which breed is most suitable for your lifestyle and your family. Each one of our staff members owns an animal from the Gentle Jungle and can speak from personal experience when assisting you. Gentle Jungle puppies are first checked by the breeders veterinarian for health. Once they are in store, they are then checked by the store veterinarian. After this double check, the puppy is ready to find a new home. The first line of the written warranty gives the customer the option of going to the vet of their choice for an independent triple check. If there any symptoms of poor health, the customer can contact the store for assistance or possible refunds.

Q: How does financing work?

A: First, you need to be in the store and have a good credit history. The customer will fill out a quick application that will check your credit. Once completed, a sales associate will call the application into the finance company. If approved, you can take home the puppy or kitten of your choice home, generally with no down payment that same day! You can put all the puppy or kittens needs and supplies on the finance bill as well. The whole credit check process takes as little as ten minutes! If you are young and have limited credit, we have cosigner options, where it would still be possible to become approved. If you are not approved, it is not the end of the world! There are still many other options including paying by cash, credit, or debit.

Q: What should I buy for my puppy upon purchase?

A: We recommend using Precise brand puppy food, because it contains probiotics that create a healthy digestive environment. It is a natural formula made with fresh, wholesome ingredients, plus added vitamins and minerals. It contains no corn and wheat, proudly made in the USA. It is what we feed all the puppies in the store!

We recommend buying a crate for a few reasons. It is necessary for crate training and after that period, it provides the dog with it's own space.

Aside from those, we recommend a bed, a carrier, a collar and leash, bowls for food, shampoo and brush, and Frontline, toys to chew on, biscuits and training treats.

Q: What should I buy for my kitten upon purchase?

A: We recommend using Precise kitten food. You will need a litter box, litter, litter scooper, toys, brush shampoo, carrier, collar, and Frontline.

Q: What should I buy for my small animal upon purchase?

A: A cage, bedding, food, treats, and water bottle.

Q: What should I buy for my reptile upon purchase?

A: A tank, bedding, water dish, and reptile bulbs.

Q: What should I buy for my Bird?

A: A cage, food, toys, bird protector, vitamins, and corn cob for bedding.

Q: What should I buy for my fish upon purchase?

A: A bowl, gravel, a net, dechloronator, decorations, and food.